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Freedom Penguins

Welcome to this ambitious project, if you follow me in it we are going to change some lives, Freedom Penguins is a collection of 4200 items, all 1/1 edition, None will ever be minted again, all the details of the project can be found on this web.

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Some of the Latest Creations

Raven Village

We found a place to rest in this beautiful little village after our journeys through this microuniverse. In this place, we will find a very colorful population that will always give us a warm welcome. What are you waiting for to visit this beautiful village with me?

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We are together with all those who have experienced the atrocities of war today. With you, we stand in mind and soul. For a world full of peace. Let’s make love and not war.

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Raven Dreams

We live in a community full of dreams, dreams that have gradually become reality. Some of our greatest goals have come true thanks to this community, so every day when we wake up we have to give thanks for all that we have achieved and will achieve, both individually and collectively.

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These artworks are still available

The Venus


Dragon´s Castle


Blue Island



Thank you for all the support that the ravencoin community has shown me, this website is for all those who day by day give me their like and share my posts, together we are stronger than ever, once again I want to show you how focused I am on these projects and on making this community proud of its artists.

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