Who I am?

My name is Ahmed Andres. I am a medical student in Cuba. I have learned to use Photoshop and blender among other design programs because I love the power of creating with our imagination. I love new technologies and their thousands of integrations into our lives. I met the cryptocurrencies and I fell in love with the project created by the developers of ravencoin I saw the incredible future that awaits this community and I wanted to be part of that future and build it together with all those who contribute to this beautiful network.

If you would like to make a small donation to support my projects you can do so through:

RVN address: rJv4zePVZH511jwKDxuvqo17hj9bBAFjsS

BTC address: bc1qdxqu63xpdyalkhgcdnxgg3hfgv4dp6esqwlxax