Freedom Penguins

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meet my lovely penguins


Raven Lover

Penguin God

Freedom Fighter


Penguins are beautiful and peculiar animals, Freedom Penguins is a collection of 4200 items, all 1/1 edition, None will ever be minted again, all the details of the project can be found on this page, as well as my web contact information, please take a minute to read this page.

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1-50 (200rvn – 350rvn)

51-300 (350rvn and up)

301-700 (450rvn and up)

701-1000(550rvn and up)

1001+(650rvn and up)

Penguin God, Raven Lover, Freedom Fighter & Manchita special editions will be auctioned

Freedom Penguins is an original collection By Xplay194

about me and this project

Hello, my name is Ahmed Aguilera. I am a graduate nurse and a current medical student. I am a 3d artist and Photoshop lover. I study programming in my little free time (Phyton). With this collection of NFTs I have several goals in mind, as well as the beginning of something bigger. I ask you to read all this little article.
I currently live in Cuba, a country that for various reasons does not allow us to release the full potential of the ideas of those who live here. The cryptoworld, for me, has been the escape to the great crisis that has plunged my country and to bringing some food to the table of my family.
I will explain openly how any kind of profit will be used. In the first phase, 50% of all profits will be donated transparently and in a live streaming at least once every 1 or 2 months to non-profit organizations that you and I will choose.

Why only 50%?

The remaining 50% will help me and my family to emigrate, because as I said before, I live in Cuba and I have many projects to carry out and in this country it is impossible. Of course, I accept any suggestions and you can send them to me through my email, Whatsapp or Twitter. I really have many ideas that can be put into practice perfectly, so I need the help of the entire crypto community to carry out all these projects.
I plan to develop a social networking platform totally decentralized based on blockchain technology, a place where your voice will never be turned off, where every post can be converted into a nft and where content creators can not only earn likes but also generate money from the interactions of their followers, as well as the development of a Play to Earn – Metaverse game that is really the ultimate experience, something like the acclaimed world of warcraft (WOW) and the Ready Player One universe put together, but I try not to talk about future projects when I’m talking from this country although I have been able to advance to some extent.

Why do I want to donate part of these profits?

because together we can make some people improve their quality of life. In a future that I hope is near, I want to found my own NGO to help people with cancer and other people who need it, using cryptocurrencies to help these people. I do not want to extend this article more because I really have many projects, but right now I lack resources and my geographical position does not allow me. Without more, thank you very much for reading.